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Best Periodic Table for Chemistry: Buy it Now

As you may know; everything which exists in the world is made of atoms. There is total of 92 atoms available around the world. Most of the things contain more than one type of particle, but what if there is only one molecule? If there is only one molecule, then it is called an ‘Element.’ An element is a substance made just one kind of particle. So, it is evident that there are 92 types of components too!

You may have heard about the common ones, like copper or carbon. But what about the other elements which are not so popular? As there are 92 kinds of elements, we have to remember all of them being a chemistry nerd. Fortunately, there is a list of all the elements. This table is known as ‘Periodic Table of Elements.’ The very first element is the lightest atom ‘Hydrogen,’ and it ends with the element with the heaviest atoms ‘Uranium.’

Best Periodic Table For Chemistry

So how about purchasing one? Find out the best periodic table for chemistry poster after reviewing the information given below.

1. Merka Kids Periodic Table of Elements

Merka Kids Periodic Table of ElementsLearning difficult subjects can become a fun thing when it is colorful and practical. This periodic table for organic chemistry made by ‘Merka’ gives the same feeling of fulfillment.

Features and Specifications

  • This periodic table of element poster is designed beautifully including different color zones and pictures representing every element.
  • It can be used as a placemat as it is made of the non-slip material. It is also washable. It is easy to clean as it can be wiped out just by a damp cloth.
  • Apart from that, it is durable and reusable. The best quality polymer material works well with the UV color prints.
  • The best part of the periodic table is that it is well-thought and well-designed by the teachers. They know the most efficient way to teach different elements to the kids.
  • You can use this poster cum placemat as an excellent teaching resource at schools, chemistry or physics classes, or kindergarten.

Merka is also into a social work activity associated with the purchase of this product. Each purchase becomes a helping hand to the other underprivileged students to attend some training programs or even the admission in some educational institution. So order it now and gift it to your children.


2. PosterEnvy Periodic Table of Elements

PosterEnvy Periodic Table of ElementsThis poster is a simple yet very useful periodic table of elements. Anyone can use it for the science chemistry projects. This poster is an exclusive one, and you can’t find it anywhere else than the PosterEnvy.

Features and Specifications

  • The poster is made with the high-quality material and durable satin cover paper. It won’t tear-up easily and can bear any abuses.
  • Even the arrival of the poster is safe as the manufacturer and sellers ship it in the heavy-duty cardboard tubes within one day only.
  • The designers have made the table very informative as it includes atomic symbols, names, and also nuclear mass.
  • The table also differs each element according to its color group, which makes the understanding of periodic table easy.
  • The size of 12 X 18 inches is enough to hang or place the poster in the lab. Big fonts are easily readable.

The manufacturer is famous worldwide. There are plenty of educational posters available in the market for all kinds of happy customers. If you don’t believe, try by yourself and book this unique table today.


3. Hbarsci Laminated Periodic Table Placemat

Hbarsci Laminated Periodic Table PlacematIf you are looking for a placemat as well as a best periodic table for chemistry elements, then this classy, easy-to-read, and black-and-white table is undoubtedly for you. It can be used as a learning resource or an educational table-mat.

Features and Specifications

  • This periodic table even includes those four elements which are newly discovered from the summer of 2016. These elements are – Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, Oganesson.
  • The table includes all the information regarding the name and symbol of elements, as well as the atomic number, weight, and electronegativity of the elements.
  • It also provides the information regarding ground-state configuration and ionization energy.
  • Because of the lamination, the periodic table is durable. It can be wrinkle free for many years and also you can clean it quickly if something spilled on it.
  • You can also highlight the particular elements to make notes.

It is a perfect gift material either for your students or the children, or any science chemistry nerd because of its enough size 17 X 11 inches. Buy one for them and make them happy.


4. Generic Illustrated Periodic Table of Elements

Generic Illustrated Periodic Table of ElementsThis periodic table of the elements is a full illustrated poster print. Its size is 36 X 24 inches, and as you may see, the color of the educational poster is purple with the shades of orange. Isn’t it look cool?

Features and Specifications

  • One of the unique qualities of this poster is the illustrations. The pictures given in the table is easily understandable.
  • You can use this poster as home decor or office decor. It matches your standards and also not so hard on the budget.
  • The illustrations can create interest in science chemistry and all the elements of the same. You can teach the periodic table of the elements in style.
  • Most of the customer who has used this poster gave the five-star reviews, and such considerations make it the best periodic table poster. You can imagine how popular it is becoming.
  • You will see some pie charts also to understand the groups of the table. They make the understanding of the table easy and quick.

So why are you waiting? Convince your mind and choose this inexpensive educational poster for your chemistry lab or gift it to your favorite chemistry nerds.


5. Periodic Table Learning Kit for Kids

Periodic Table Learning Kit for KidsPeriodic is a complete learning kit which includes four periodic tables of the elements. Any child who is five years old or above can play and learn with this package of the periodic table. The sole purpose of making this set of tables is to educate the children about the basic science.

Features and Specifications

  • There are four posters (Size: 22 X 17 inches) and 118 flashcards included in this learning kit of the kids.
  • There are beautiful pictures on each card to keep the child motivated and attracted towards the periodic table.
  • This set of periodic educational tables is ‘Teachers’ approved science kit,’ and that’s why very thoughtful and enjoyable. Teachers know how to make a child feel good during the learning process.
  • The manufacturer uses high-quality materials to make the product. So, it is also safe even for your underage children if they come into the contact of the kit – directly or indirectly.
  • There is also a social cause attached to all the products of the Merka. When you buy a product, one percent of each sale transfers to the underprivileged to fulfill their dreams of education.

The primary focus of producing the whole periodic table’s kit is to teach kids all the foundational concepts through pictures, colors, and creativity by understanding their psychological interests. You should definitely try this fun learning process once for the sake of your children or students.


So, these are my top five! People are so much in love with the periodic table for organic chemistry, and thus the designers keep trying new things. And why not? The geometry of molecules is undoubtedly fascinating. There are many other items which include periodic tables in some creative manner. There are scarves, ties, bows, t-shirts, mugs, curtains, socks, etc. If you are a chemistry nerd or know one, you should definitely buy at least one of this best periodic table for chemistry. Keep rocking chemistry!

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