Funny Chemistry Puns, Jokes and Riddles Funny Chemistry Puns, Jokes and Riddles

Top Funny Chemistry Puns, Jokes and Riddles: Chemistry Humor ?

Chemistry might be one of the most challenging subjects to learn in school, but it is definitely fun! And what better to learn a little chemistry by using humor and puns? The riddles and jokes will make you laugh and you can also use it to impress your chemistry mates. Find the collection of chemistry jokes, element puns, chemistry riddles and much more in the list given below.

Funny Chemistry Puns, Jokes and Riddles

1. Acid Riddle

Acid Riddle_

How do you call an acid with an attitude?

A-mean-oh acid( Amino, A-mean-oh, eh !)

Explanation: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The answer to this riddle is just a change in the spelling to make it funny.

2. Coffee Riddle

Coffee Riddle_

How frequently do you need coffee?

I need CaFFeINe periodically. 

Explanation: Beverages like tea and coffee contain caffeine that refreshes the mind and also provides energy to the body. The symbol for Calcium is C; Fluorine is F, Iron is Fe, I is for Iodine and Ne is for Neon. When written in the “Ca F Fe I Ne” order, it makes up the same spelling as caffeine.

3. Basic Riddle

_Basic Riddle_

Are you a 10? Well, that might be on a pH scale, cause you are so BASIC. 

Explanation: The pH scale is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of the given compound. The readings from 0 to 7 on the scale are the pH for acids and values from 7 to 14 are for base. pH seven is considered as neutral.10 will fall in the category of 7-14 and hence, the term basic is used for the answer.

4. Chemistry Riddle

Chemistry Riddle_

What do you say when you are out of chemistry jokes?

Say that I am out of a chemistry joke, I should ZINC of a new one.

Explanation: Zinc is a type of metal; in this riddle, the word zinc is used in the place of “think.” The answer to this riddle can be I should think of a new one, but Zinc is used to make it punny.

5. Chemist one-liners

Chemist one-liners_

I recently got to know that Oxygen and Magnesium were going out and I was like O-Mg.

Explanation: The symbol of Oxygen in the periodic table is O and Magnesium is Mg. When spoken together, the word becomes OMg, similar to the slang word OMG. OMG stands for Oh My God, which is popularly used by youth.

6. Element pun

Element pun_

I tell really bad chemistry jokes because all the good one’s Argon.

Explanation: Argon is an element of the periodic table when said it out loud; the pronunciation is similar to the words “are gone.” Hence the words “are gone” are replaced in the sentence to add some humor.

7. Sodium and Hydrogen

_Sodium and Hydrogen

I was thinking to tell a Sodium and Hydrogen pun, but NaH.

Explanation: The symbol for Sodium in the periodic table is Na and Hydrogen is H. When said together, it sounds like NaH, which is similar to the common slang word used “Nah” that means no.

8. Water pun

Water pun

If you are studying chemistry, then avoid drinking water as the concentration decreases on adding water.

Explanation: It is a known fact that adding water in any solution decreases its concentration. This pun uses the same concept to make a fun riddle for chemistry students.

9. Reaction pun

Reaction pun_

What did one acid say to others? You are Overreacting.

Explanation: The chemistry subject has practicals where the students often perform titrations that. These titrations are reactions of acid and base.

10. Cat and chemistry

Cat and chemistry_

What did the cat say after drinking methanol?

Answer: MeOH-MeOH

Explanation: The functional group of alcohol is represented by the symbol “OH.” A lot of people use “Me” as a short form for methanol. When combined together, it becomes MeOH having a similar sound as Meow made by the cats.

11. Enzyme riddle

Enzyme riddle_

If I were a DJ, my name would be DJ Enzyme.

Because I am always breaking it down

Explanation: Enzymes help in speeding up the reaction as it catalyzes the reaction. It also helps in the quick breakdown of the compounds involved in the reaction.

12. Cheesy pickup line

Cheesy pickup line_

Are you full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium?

Because you are BeAuTi-Full

Explanation: The symbols for the elements Beryllium, Gold and Titanium in the periodic table are Be, Au and Ti, respectively. When all the symbols are written together in a similar order along with the word “full,” it makes the word “beautiful.”

13. Bearry Funny

Bearry Funny_

Is a bear soluble in water?

Yes, a polar bear is soluble in water due to its polarity.

Explanation: Polar compounds are soluble in water. 

14. Methyl Oh Methyl

_Methyl Oh Methyl_

One day methyl (CH3) went out to play. His mom called him back, but Dimethylether came back. Why?

Because his mom called by saying CH3-O-CH3

Explanation: CH3 represents the functional group of Methyl. The group of ethers is represented by O., And when the ether group joins two methyl groups, the compound is known as Dimethyl ether. The chemical formula of Dimethyl ether is CH3OCH3. 

15. Hydrogen Bond

Hydrogen Bond_

What does one Hydrogen atom say to another while making bond?

My name is Bond, Hydrogen Bond.

Explanation: The joke is a witty take on the famous dialogue “My name is Bond, James Bond.” The bond made by hydrogen is termed as a Hydrogen bond.

16. Golden chemistry saying

Golden chemistry saying

“One cation’s trash is another anion’s treasure.”

Explanation: In chemical reactions, the atom donating electrons gets a positive charge and is referred to as cation. The atom that accepts the electron gets a negative charge and is also called as the anion. Hence what might be of no use to cation can be important for anion to make bonds or to be stable.

17. Element table riddle

Element table riddle__

Do you want to hear a joke about Nitric Oxide?


Explanation: The chemical formula of Nitrogen is N and Oxygen is O. Also, the chemical formula of Nitric Oxide is NO and hence, the answer No.

18. Neutron riddle

Neutron riddle_

A neutron walks into a club and orders a drink.

The bartender says it will be free of cost by saying, “For you, my friend no charge!”

Explanation: Neutron is a particle of an atom having no charges. There is a positive charge on  proton and the electron has a negative charge. This fact is used to make this witty chemistry pun.

19. Surprise element

Surprise element_

The element of surprise wasn’t allowed near the Periodic Table.

Explanation: There is a periodic table in chemistry consisting of all the elements in their increasing order of atomic weight. However, there is no element named as a Surprise in the table.

20. Atom joke

Atom joke

Don’t trust atoms; they make everything up.

Explanation: Atoms can form bonds with neighboring atoms to be stable. They can also accept or donate an electron to achieve the state of an inert element. 

21. Experimental pun

_Experimental pun_

I blew up my chemistry experiment.

Oxidants happen.

Explanation: While working on chemical experiments, there are chances of minor accidents. The word accident is replaced by Oxidants to add that touch of nerd in the joke.

22. Organic Chemistry pun

Organic Chemistry pun

Why do students who study organic chemistry find it difficult?

It is because the subject have alkynes of trouble.

Explanation: Alkynes are unsaturated hydrocarbons that participate in bond formation. The word “all kinds” in the answer is replaced by the word “alkynes” due to their similar enunciation.

23. Chemist pun

Chemist pun_

Why are chemists great for solving problems?

They have all the solutions.

Explanation: Chemists work with a lot of solutions in the chemical laboratories. Thus they literally have all the solutions!

24. Day and Night riddle

Day and Night riddle_

What happens to Nitrogen when the sun rises?

It becomes Daytrogen.

Explanation: If you break the word Daytrogen, it becomes day and trogen. Nitrogen is an element in which the initial pronunciation of the word is similar to the word “night.” Here the pun of day and night is used in this riddle.

25. Noble joke

Noble joke

Due to my great success in Chemistry puns, I will be awarded a Nobelium.

Explanation: Nobel Prizes are awarded to the people doing extraordinary work or research in Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Physics, etc. The periodic table has a lot of elements having the suffix “ilium.” The word made by joining both the words Noble and ileum becomes Nobelium.

I hope you guys had a good laugh while reading all these jokes. Use it on your friends and family to have a great time and impress them with your humor.

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