Best Chemistry Set for Adults Best Chemistry Set for Adults

Best Chemistry Set for Adults – Top Advanced Science Kits of 2020

Chemistry is one of those subjects that can be learned practically, unlike other subjects. People who are keen to know the chemical basis of compounds, their properties and the basics of chemistry can invest in a good chemistry kit. This kit can not only help the adults to understand and learn the subject with ease, but it can also be beneficial to the babies. There are many chemistry kits available in the market that serve the purpose of learning chemistry along with gaining practical knowledge about the reactions, chemical equations, etc. Many types of chemistry kits are available easily in the market today. Depending upon the basics you want to learn, you can get the kits to help your friends and family, too, with these chemistry kits.

Best Chemistry Set for Adults

As there are many chemistry kits available, choosing the right one can become challenging. To help you in finding the best chemistry set having all the required equipment and tools, I have made a list of the best chemistry set for adults. I have curated this list with the affordable and complete chemistry kits for every age group. Check out this list and find the one that fits your budget and other criteria.

1. Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling

Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular ModelingThe first kit on this list is my personal favorite, Happy Atoms chemistry kit, which is one of the best kits to get your hands on if you have a keen interest in molecular chemistry. It includes the tiny molecular models made from plastic that can be connected using magnets. Using the right number of electrons, you can build the molecules with ease. This kit is an excellent investment for the people who are aspiring to make a career in chemistry. The price point of this kit is also a brownie point, as it is in the affordable range. This kit has been tested by teachers and students to learn the subject. They have also verified that it actually enhances the learning process.

Key features:

  • The set includes magnetic modeling atom structures that you can use to understand the atomic structure, chemical equations and bonds.
  • The kit also includes access to a free app that goes by the name happy atoms app that helps in understanding the manual and making the most of the kit.
  • It comes with a step-by-step manual that has all the instructions to build 150 molecules and learn about the molecular chemistry in detail.
  • The app for the kit is available for Android, iOS and Kindle.
  • It has won the parent’s choice award as well as the Kapi award for innovation.

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2. Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Set for Adults

Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Set for AdultsEnhance the learning of chemistry for the  college-going students by using this complete chemistry kit for adults. It is a complete set for someone who wants to get hands-on experience for doing experiments and learning the subject. The chemistry kit includes all the lab equipment such as beakers, flasks, test tubes and other chemicals to perform a variety of experiments. It is suitable for the person above age 12 as well as for adults. The neat packaging and high-quality equipment of kit have gotten a lot of appreciation from its users and buyers. This kit is a complete chemistry set and one of the best alternatives to get your hands on the nest chemistry set.

Key features:

  • All the materials and tools given in the kit can be used to conduct more than 333 science and chemistry experiments.
  • It can help the person to learn a wide range of topics in chemistry such as atomic structures, chemical equations, chemical bonding and much more.
  • The kit is an excellent buy for the students studying the subject for the highschool level chemistry.
  • This chemistry kit also comes with a 192-page manual that has all the information, procedures and reactions to use the kit and make the most of it.
  • Other interesting topics of chemistry, such as chromatography, electrolysis and electrochemistry can be learned using this kit.

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3. Discovery Extreme Chemistry Stem Science Kit

Discovery Extreme Chemistry Stem Science Kit This science kit is ideal for the people who have a keen interest in knowing the discovery of compounds along with learning the chemical reactions. The kit includes all the equipment and materials such as plastic cups, pipette, poster, test tubes, plastic spoon, glue, calcium chloride, litmus paper, zinc sulfide, tartaric acid and much more that can help to perform many types of experiments. One can easily transform their room into a chemistry lab with the help of this kit as it has all the required components to conduct a series of fun experiments. You can also use this kit for hosting a party for the adults and try to motivate them for such interactive learning.

Key features:

  • The kit is suitable for person above 12 and can help them understand the subject with fun experiments.
  • It can be used to conduct 40 simple chemical reactions that are safe to do at home.
  • This chemistry kit includes all the components for doing all color-changing experiments as well as to make crystal structures. 
  • you will enjoy using this kit as they can make a glowing slime on their own with the help of all the elements included in this kit.
  • The manual book provided in the kit includes all the information and step-wise procedure to perform all the reactions.

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4. Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 (V 2.0) Chemistry Set

Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 (V 2.0) Chemistry SetThe last alternative that I would suggest for the beginners as well as for the ones who are struggling to understand the chemical reactions is this complete chemistry set for adults. The kit consists of all the professional and high-quality equipment to perform all the experiments with ease. It has all the necessary components, materials and tools that are required for doing a wide range of chemical experiments. The kit is a quick and easy learning way to understand the physical as well as chemical properties of elements such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and others. This particular chemistry kit can also be used to inspect metals such as iron, aluminum and copper. All the information regarding the atomic structure and experimental results are explained in the manual it comes with.

Key features:

  • This chemistry kit is ideal for someone who aspires to have an excellent foundation for the subject, chemistry equations and other topics.
  • The kit also includes a full-color manual that consists of more than 250 experiments for the users to do following the guidelines and steps.
  • It can be used to inspect soap, household cleaners, food items and other things.
  • Experiments involving combustion, electrochemical reactions, filtering and separating mixtures can be performed using this kit.
  • This kit also aids in learning the reactions that involve using indicators, bases and acids.

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How to set up a chemistry lab at home

Chemistry lovers rejoice when it comes to doing fun experiments and finding something new while working in labs. If you are a budding scientist or a science enthusiast, you can build your own chemistry lab at home to do all the practicals and enhance your knowledge regarding the subject. Although setting up a lab might seem challenging to you, trust me, you will love the end result. So for helping you to set up a lab with ease follow this simple procedure:

Choose a room in your home: It is vital to finalize the room in your home that you would want to convert into a lab. The room should be spacious, well-ventilated and have sufficient electric points. Also, make sure that the flooring of the room is done using epoxy or some other materials that don’t absorb any spillage.

Decide a working station: Once you have decided the room, make a working desk where you will work. Make sure there are sufficient electric connections and space to keep the chemicals and other equipment on it. Also, make sure there is a sink to access water easily without moving much while working.

Get the essential tools and equipment: The next step is to get the tools and equipment that include test tubes, pipettes, measuring flasks, beakers and other glassware. You can also get one of the chemistry sets mentioned above to set up a lab for a beginner. Apart from it, you can also buy some necessary chemicals, tissue papers, etc that you will need for conducting experiments. Also, don’t forget to get the containers to store chemicals and labels for organizing your lab.

Never without the safety gear: Hand gloves are of utmost importance for the people working in labs. Get yourself a pair of gloves, lab coat and lab footwear to ensure your safety while working in the lab. 

Keep dustbins handy: Make sure to keep two dustbins for throwing the waste. Keep one bin for dry waste and another one for hazardous waste, such as broken glassware. Apart from it, you can also keep empty boxes on the working station to discard used tissues and other small waste materials while working on a project.

Invest in advanced tools (if needed): If you want to conduct experiments that require advanced tools and machines, then you can invest in them as well. Getting pH meters, weighing scale etc might be heavy on your pocket, but it will definitely benefit you in the future.

Once you have set up your home lab, don’t forget to maintain a laboratory journal to keep a record of all the experiments. Also, be careful while doing experiments and keep a fire extinguisher in your lab too.

Concluding Remarks

Many other science and chemistry kits are available online and offline. However, these six options are top-rated and have received a lot of positive feedback for their utility. I have tried to include different types of kits to provide the readers of all age groups to find a suitable kit for themselves. You can also invest in more than one kit if you want to learn chemistry, along with gaining some practical knowledge. I hope this article helps you to decide the kit you want to opt for.

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