Best Coronavirus Masks Best Coronavirus Masks

Best Coronavirus Masks: Necessary Respiratory Protection for Humans

Coronavirus is one name that we have been readings news about every day now. The disease is spread from the virus strain, which has now been termed as 2019-nCoV. This deadly disease that originally originated in Wuhan, China, has now starting to spread in other parts of the world. People claim that the disease began spreading from the seafood market and it has been transmitted by an animal. Coronavirus is a fatal disease that can be transmitted by humans and the worst part is it shows typical flu-like symptoms that are difficult to notice in the initial days of the infection. Many people who have tested positive for this disease didn’t show any symptoms for the first two weeks which makes the disease difficult to fight with.

While the officials and government of China are fighting to keep the infection at bay and treating patients, it is essential to take precautions against this deadly virus. The scientists and doctors all over the globe are appealing people to wear masks that can help and prevent this virus from entering your body. People who take many international trips have to undergo check-ups and are asked to wear masks to avoid the infection. Many masks are available today that can help prevent the virus, smoke, dust, and other particles from entering your respiratory tract, but finding the ideal one can be a little tricky business. To help you with finding the best coronavirus mask for you and your family, I have made a list of the masks that are effective in resisting the virus and works well for filtering the air you inhale. 

Go through all the options listed below to find the one that fits all your criteria. Don’t hesitate to invest in good quality masks as there is nothing more important than you and the health of your loved ones.

Best Coronavirus Masks

1. 3M 8511 Respirator Coronavirus Masks

3M 8511 Respirator MasksIf you want to invest in a mask that can be used for protection against the viruses as well as other particulate matter, then you can invest in this option. The brand of 3M is known globally for its high-quality accessories and its durability. The company offers a wide range of maks; this specific 8511 series mask is NIOSH approved N95. It has a lightweight design, and these masks fit the users comfortably, making it one of the best coronavirus masks. It is popular among the people for its unique valve that offers filtration for resisting all the toxic matter and viruses in the air. Breathe 30 design of the mask provides low resistance breathing and can be worn with ease. These masks are also suitable for getting protection against dust, smoke, sanding particle and much more.

Key features:

  • The mask is equipped with adjustable nose clips that help in making the custom fitting to get a secure seal comfortably.
  • The stretchable and braided headbands given on the mask provide additional comfort while wearing these masks without feeling any fatigue.
  • The 3M cool flow valve helps in reducing the build-up of the heat inside the mask and keeps it at an optimal level.
  • It offers an active resistance against certain non-oil based particles and aerosols, making this mask wearable by the people working in industries.
  • The mask comes in a pack of ten and can be disposed of after using it. You can opt for such masks if you are traveling or if you want something on the go.

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2. GVS Dust Half Mask Respirator for Coronavirus

Dust Half Mask RespiratorThe next option on this list is this GVS masks that come with reusable and replaceable air filters. Designed with keeping all the facial features of humans in mind, it has become one of the leading choices for masks in the market today. The adjustable headband makes this mask easy to wear and people are so far loving the overall built quality of the mask. You can also get an extra set of filters to replace the original ones and keep yourself safe against the infections. The masks from this brand are known to be soft and lightweight. It can be worn comfortably with other accessories such as goggles, headphones, helmets, etc. The HEPA filters help in preventing all the particles and viruses from entering your respiratory tract. The masks have an anatomical design and hence can be worn by adults as well as college-going students. Wearing such heavy-duty masks will definitely protect your body against the coronavirus and keep you safe.

Key features:

  • The masks are made using thermoplastic elastomer, which is a soft material and doesn’t contain latex, silicone, or any odor. The materials used to make this mask make it comfortable for everyone to wear.
  • It is equipped with a low profile filter that fits the contours of the face perfectly to avoid the misfit or discomfort while working.
  • This mask can also help in giving the protection against viruses, nanoparticles and other toxic particles in the atmosphere.
  • It offers 99.97% protection to the users against the particulate matter present in the air. 
  • GVS masks are also designed to give to the lowest breathing resistance, which helps in additional comfort and also reduces the chance of fatigue. The HEPA filters in the mask make it stand out from other masks.

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3. 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6900

Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6900Many doctors recommend a full-face coverage mask to resist the virus. This mask from 3M is designed to give all-around protection against the dust, smoke and other toxic elements present in the air. This mask is ideal for getting the protection against coronavirus as well as gas or fire leaks. People working in heavy industries can also make the best use of this mask. Users have found this mask to be lightweight and soft. It has a full face respirator design that fits the face well and also features a silicone face seal to add extra comfort. Its also NIOSH approved and is meant for industrial use as well. As the mask gives complete protection to your face and respiratory system, one can invest in this mask for staying safe from coronavirus. The mask can also help in resisting the chemical contaminants such as ammonia, chlorine, etc.

Key features:

  • The mask has a unique center adapter that helps in directing the exhaled air and the moisture with it downwards.
  • It is also equipped with a cool flow valve that works for providing a cool environment and maximum comfort while wearing this mask.
  • As this mask has the rating of N95, it is efficient to provide protection against all the particulate matter present in the atmosphere.
  • This 3M mask also has replaceable carbon filters that aid in keeping the viruses away as well as the particles that can cause airborne diseases.
  • It is easy to clean as the surface of the mask is smooth.
  • This respiratory mask also has a large lens that allows the users to get a proper and wide-field view, thus offering excellent visibility.

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4. 3M Particulate Respirator Coronavirus Mask

Particulate Respirator 8210Another mask from the company of 3M is this respirator N95 mask in the 8210 series. It provides users with a basic level of protection. The masks help in filtering the air and aids in preventing the viruses, smoke and dust from entering the body. It can also be used by the people working in sanding, woodworking, wildfire smoke inhalation and other dusty applications. As these are not coverage masks, even kids can wear these with ease. All masks have a universal fit and are suitable for people of all groups.

Key features:

  • The masks come in a pack of 20 that can be disposed of after using it.
  • It is NIOSH approved and offers 95% filtration efficiency against the particulate matter in the atmosphere up to the size of 0.3 microns.
  • Mask has been engineered with proprietary technology that has electrostatically charged microfiber filter media. This unique technology helps in easy breathing and also provides the utmost comfort.
  • The respiratory mask is also equipped with an adjustable nose clip that is beneficial in getting a secure seal.
  • It also has a cushioning foam that provides the users with additional comfort while wearing these masks.
  • The two-strap design of the mask, along with dual point attachment, provides the users with proper fitting.

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5. 3M Respirator Kit for Coronavirus

3M Respirator KitThe last option on this list is a complete respirator kit that you can invest in saving some bucks and getting everything at once. The kit includes a reusable respirator mask, 3M particulate filters that can be used to replace the filters. The kit comes in two sizes: Medium and Large. The kit meets all the criteria of the NIOSH P100 series. It works efficiently to give protection against various types of bacteria, virus and other harmful contaminants. As the mask provides full coverage for face, one can wear it at their workplace. The mask included in this kit is lightweight and has a universal fit. The mask gives high-impact protection for face and eyes, thus providing the body with resistance against infectious diseases.

Key features:

  • The respirator has a cool flow valve that aids in providing a dry and cool environment in the mask.
  • It has a silicone face seal that provides added comfort and also increases the durability of the mask.
  • The masks are designed to give the maximum resistance against oil and non-oil contaminants as well as odor.
  • It is effective in giving protection against lead, dust, mold, asbestos, arsenic and much more.
  • The respirator has a smooth surface that users can clean effortlessly. Wiping off with the cloth can help in cleaning the mask.
  • Its center has a unique adapter that directs the exhaled air downwards so that the user doesn’t feel suffocated. 
  • The mask has a lens that enables users to get a clear vision and work with the mask on.

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Concluding Remarks

All the above-stated options are suitable for protecting yourself against coronavirus as well as other diseases. It is better to have such masks handy in your first aid kit in the case of an outburst of such deadly diseases. A lot of people also wear such masks to resist the increasing pollution and filtering the air that they are breathing. While you are choosing such a mask make sure to check the reusability, N rating and the overall fit of the mask. The N rating of the mask depends upon its efficiency to filter the particulate matter of the atmosphere. Research reports suggest using a mask with an N95 rating to protect your body against such viruses. Also, check the reviews to make the right among all the options. Wear these masks while using public transport and outside your home to stay safe from the coronavirus. Wear masks, ensure safety!

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