National brand lab notebook review National brand lab notebook review

National Brand Lab Notebook: Quad Ruled Notebook for You

A lab record book is of utmost importance to people who have to go to the laboratories or work there on a regular basis. Whether it is for people working in research or for the high school students learning experiments in their course, a lab notebook helps keep all the information and details in one place. Maintaining a lab notebook can be helpful as it can help you find out the needed information within seconds.

One such lab notebook that received lots of positive reviews and feedbacks from its buyers is this National brand lab notebook. And after seeing so many students and researchers getting this notebook, we decided to review this book and share our thoughts for the same. Keep reading this blog to find out if it is worth the hype or not.

Features of National Brand Lab Notebook

  • The notebook is specifically designed for note-taking and record-keeping.
  • It features a stitched binding with a brown pressboard cover.
  • The book contains 100 carbonless numbered sets in white and yellow pages that make it easy for the students to find the required information at any given point. 
  • The first page of the notebook is bound, and the second sheet is micro-perforated.
  • The pressboard covers add to extend the book’s durability.
  • All the pages are quad ruled with 4X4 squares per inch.
  • This lab notebook has a ruled page on the front and is plain on the back that can make it easy for students to take notes.

National Brand Lab Notebook Review

This Lab Notebook seems promising from the features but now let us look at what buyers have to say before we give our final verdict and review. Reading all the reviews, we have compiled the following:

  • This notebook contains a table of contents on the first page to keep a note of all the things you write down in the book.
  • The pressboard is water-resistant and protects the book from spills as well as wear and tear.
  • As all the pages of this notebook are perforated, one can tear out the pages with ease.
  • The manufacturers have paid attention to tiny details, such as the name sticker given on the pressboard.
  • The lab notebook only contains numbers on the sheets with no other markings that can be perfect for the students who like such notebooks.

Our Review

While we were searching for the best lab notebook, we found this notebook, and it is fair to say that this was one of the best ones we came across. It contains 200 carbonless pages, is quad ruled on one side and has a pressboard cover. Be it the subtle detailing or the quality of the paper; this notebook is well-made. Apart from all this, it is priced at $21, which is a good price point for a book that is made so thoughtfully. Be it for a student or someone in research; this book can help in maintaining lab records

Final Verdict

Yes, the hype around this Lab notebook is entirely true as it is one of those “no absurdity” books as it only contains what is truly needed. The manufactures have not added any tables or conversion charts, so if you are someone looking for those in a book, it is something that will disappoint you. However, this book’s features are on point, given the paper quality and its supreme quality built. So if you are searching for a lab notebook for your school or University, then you can opt for this lab notebook from the National brand.

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