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Best Molecular Gastronomy Kit – Premium Kit

Molecular gastronomy is a branch of food science. It is a science that helps in understanding the phenomenon that occurs during the culinary process. Initially, food science was all about the ingredients and the nutritional value of the food. But with the advances made in food and technology, molecular gastronomy was introduced. Molecular gastronomy, also known as molecular and physical gastronomy,  focuses on the mechanism and techniques used to make the food. No one would have thought of making an entire drink into a bubble or hot gelatin.

This discipline of food science is used to learn the chemistry and physics involved in culinary processes. Restaurants use this technique to make their food attractive and unique. This field is growing given the varieties of the food available today in the market. But what if I told you that now you can also make your food using molecular gastronomy? 

Yes, you absolutely can make your food look like the extravagant dishes you see at restaurants with the help of molecular gastronomy kits. These kits are suitable for both beginners and hobbyists interested in trying out new recipes at home.

Product Our Review
Modernist Cuisine Spherification Kit Our pick for best gastronomy kit
Modernist Cuisine Gel Noodle Kit  Suitable for beginners
Molecule-R – Mojito Molecular Mixology Kit For Beginners Recommended for people who enjoy making mocktails & cocktails at home
Premium Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit   Complete kit for molecular gastronomy
Raindrop Cake Molecular Gastronomy Jelly Kit Only useful for making raindrop cakes

Best Molecular Gastronomy Kits

1. Modernist Cuisine Spherification Kit 

Modernist Cuisine Spherification KitMy first pick for stepping into the world of molecular gastronomy would be this kit from Modernist Cuisine. It is a spherification kit that can help you transform your food by converting it to small spherical pearls. This kit can be the best gift for the foodie friends you know or even for yourself if you want to experiment with your food at home. All the instructions related to the cooking technique, measurements and other information is provided in the instruction guide to making your process easy. 

Key features:

  • The kit contains four ingredients that are used for an easy spherification process.
  • It also comes with a technique booklet along with a spherification recipe to transform liquids into tiny balls of flavours.
  • This molecular gastronomy kit contains tools such as stainless steel specification spool and a reusable syringe to make perfect spheres.
  • Buyers also get a perfect caviar making tool in this kit.
  • It is also suitable and safe for children over eight years. 



2. Modernist Cuisine Gel Noodle Kit

Modernist Cuisine Gel Noodle Kit

Another excellent gastronomy kit from Modernist Cuisine is for the ones who want to make juicy noodles at home. This gel noodle kit is a unique kit that makes gel noodles that taste like fruit juice. It helps in transforming a flavoured liquid into gel. This kit makes it very easy to make such noodles as it comes with noodle making tools.

Key features:

  • The kit has a recipe guide having step-by-step instructions and photos, making it easy to follow any recipe.
  • It also has one reusable syringe and two yards of food-grate spaghetti tubing.
  • The recipe booklet includes a recipe for making mango-flavored noodles using the fruit juice available in the supermarket.
  • The kit also has 50 grams Agar and 50 grams of locust bean gum required to make gel noodles.



3. Molecule-R – Mojito Molecular Mixology Kit For Beginners

Molecule-R – Mojito Molecular Mixology Kit For Beginners

Molecule-R mojito molecular mixology kit is one of the unique kits available in the market. The kit is more of like a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit. People fond of experimenting with cocktails and like to try new combinations will enjoy this kit. One can make a range of different cocktails using this kit. 

Key features:

  • This kit comes with one silicone mold, one slotted spoon, and two pipettes- these tools will help you make your cocktails unique and attractive.
  • The kit also has three food additives such as calcium lactate sachets, sodium alginate sachets and soy lecithin sachets to make the cocktails.
  • All these additives can be used in techniques such as spherification, emulsification and reverse frozen spherification. These techniques are the most commonly used techniques in molecular gastronomy.
  • The kit also has a recipe book and instruction booklet for the beginners and the online tutorials that are very easy to follow.
  • You will be able to make caviar bubbles or turning your entire drink into a bubble.


4. Premium Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit

Premium Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit

This kit is a complete starter kit for a beginner; it is also a complete kit for someone who loves to experiment with recipes. This kit’s unique feature is that it comes with a 250-page recipe book with the detailed techniques and ingredients that are to be used. It has been rated best for molecular gastronomy beginners and intermediates.

Key features:

  • The kit comes with high-quality ingredients that can be used for making the recipes.
  • It also has 20 gelatin sheets, a caviar maker and a stainless steel caviar stainer.
  • The kit also comes with three anti-static weighing dishes, high-precision digital ingredient scale that weighs the ingredients and helps you put the exact amount in the food.
  • The manufacturer also offers free technical support if you have any problems following the recipes for molecular gastronomy.



5. Raindrop Cake Molecular Gastronomy Jelly Kit

If you have a sweet tooth and want to experiment with your cakes, then this kit is your best pick. Raindrop cakes had become a rage and were trending on all social media handles, given it looks so cool and delicious. Well, it is quite easy to make these cakes if you have the needed tools. This gastronomy kit is specially curated for making these cakes at home and enjoy these yummy raindrop cakes with a quick recipe.

Key features:

  • The kit comes with all ingredients that can be used to make raindrop cakes.
  • Each kit can make six cakes, and kids can also use it to make their cakes as it is safe for them to use.
  • A detailed instruction booklet is included in every kit to make your process quick and swift.
  • The cakes are vegan and gluten-free. 
  • You can make Instagrammable desserts at home without shailing out more money.


Concluding Remarks

These are the best gastronomy kits that are available in the market. You can select the kit depending on your preferences. I would recommend the gel noodle molecular gastronomy starter kit as it is easy for beginners. Another kit that is best suited is the Premium molecular gastronomy kit which has the entire range of tools and additives required for molecular gastronomy techniques.

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