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Best Hydrogen Water Bottle – Top Hydrogen Water Making bottles of 2020

We often hear that hydration is the key to good health and good skin. And yes, it is true! Drinking sufficient water daily helps to get rid of the toxins and also aids in keeping all the skin problems at bay. With the advances in science and technology, we now know that drinking water with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) has more benefits than regular water. This extra hydrogen in the water works as an antioxidant and reduces the free radicals in the body. It also aids in reducing inflammation as well as metabolism-related diseases.

Hydrogen water also aids in maintaining good gut health and promotes blood circulation in the body. As there are many such benefits of drinking hydrogen water, there are many brands that came up with hydrogen water bottles. These bottles are equipped with the membranes that can produce the hydrogen in the water. One can get these hydrogen water bottles easily. These water bottles can work great for the people who want to increase the hydration and also to the ones who workout. To make it easy for you all to find the affordable hydrogen water bottle, I have curated a list with the options for the best hydrogen water bottle. Go through the list and find the one that suits your budget.

List of Top 5 Best Hydrogen Water Bottle
Best Overall Pick LevelUpWay
Best Bottle for Your Health Gosoit
Simple, Efficient, and Easy to Use Bottle ST Synteam
Decent Water Bottle Davidlee
Best Affordable Hydrogen Water Bottle WooMeWooU

Best Hydrogen Water Bottle

1. LevelUpWay – Hydrogen Water Bottle

LevelUpWay – Hydrogen Water Bottle

LevelUpWay Hydrogen generator water bottle is one of the highest-rated product in the list for the premium quality bottle. The company uses the latest SPE and PEM technology along with the new proton exchange membranes that are better than the old technology. The bottle is insulated to maintain the temperature of the water. The fifth-generation molecular hydrogen generator produces hydrogen in water and SPE technology removes the trapped oxygen from it. This hydrogen bottle is rated the best one as it gives the highest concentration of water that is more than one ppm. Unlike the ordinary ionizers, this bottle doesn’t require a large concentration of minerals in the water to generate hydrogen. The hydrogen helps in anti-aging, preventing bad cholesterol, arteries blockage and much more.

Key features:

  • This hydrogen water bottle only takes six minutes to reach the highest concentration of hydrogen in the water, which is 1100ppb.
  • As the bottles operate on the platinum electrolysis technology, the purity of the water is not affected at all.
  • It efficiently adds hydrogen to water and removes oxygen, ozone and chlorine from it, which are harmful to the health. 
  • The battery of the hydrogen bottle is a lithium polymer battery that has better longevity than other batteries. It can be charged using a USB cable as and when required.
  • The bottle has a capacity of holding 350 ml of water and it also comes with a stainless steel lid.
  • This hydrogen bottle is BPA free, ecofriendly and comes with a year warranty as well as 30 days return guarantee.
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2. Gosoit Hydrogen Water Bottle

Gosoit Hydrogen Water Bottle

The next option on this list is the Gosoit Hydrogen Water Bottle. It is designed to start the hydrogen production and alkaline water with pH in the range of 7.5 to 9. The bottle stands out from all the other options as the hydrogen is produced in less than 3 minutes after switching on the button. The curve design and comfortable grip of the bottle make it easy to hold and carry around. The titanium platinum electrolyte membranes in the bottle are efficient in electrolysis, which produces hydrogen rapidly. This bottle is a good investment for people who want to hydrate themselves after a workout session. It is also suitable for the people who are into mountain climbing, cycling, indoor fitness workouts and much more.

Key features:

  • The bottle has a glass body made from high boron silicon material, which is sturdy and convenient to carry.
  • It is equipped with a USB charging port, charger and charging line that helps in the working of the bottle. 
  • The humanization design of the bottle helps in retaining the heat of the water and one-button operation makes it easy for the people to use it on the go.
  • The base of the hydrogen water bottle has an anti-skid base and an LED indicator for the process of hydrogen making.
  • It is corrosion-resistant and doesn’t change the taste of water.
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3. ST Synteam Hydrogen Water Bottle

ST Synteam Hydrogen Water Bottle

Another great and budget-friendly option that you can consider for the hydrogen water bottle is this ST Synteam Hydrogen Water bottle. The DuPont ionizing membranes in the bottle are efficient in producing hydrogen in water with 3 to 5 minutes. One can achieve 1500PPB hydrogen concentration in water by using this hydrogen generator bottle. It has a charging port that can help in charging the bottle to work efficiently. One can use a USB cable, power bank, or any other source to charge the bottle. This hydrogen water bottle has a blue LED light indicator which blinks when you switch on the button for starting the hydrogen production. The design of the bottle makes it portable and easy to carry everywhere you go. 

Key features: 

  • The hydrogen water bottle uses SPE/PEM technology to generated hydrogen in the water.
  • There are no chlorine or ozone residues in the water once the hydrogen production process is complete.
  • The bottle is safe for use and made as per the US regulations. It is SGS certified and built with the food material grade materials.
  • One can use this bottle to add hydrogen distilled water, mineral water and tap water. Unlike other alternatives, this bottle can work with all types of water.
  • The hydrogen water bottle comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime maintenance.
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4. Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Generator Water Bottle

Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Generator Water Bottle

If you are searching for an option that has a detachable base for generating hydrogen in water, then this alternative is suitable for you. The bottle has an independent base that can be used with other water bottles as well. This hydrogen water bottle uses Dupony PEM technology for producing hydrogen in the water. There are two electrolysis modes in this bottle; the first click on the button turns the light indicator blue. The second click gives green light while generating hydrogen in the water. One-click can give the hydrogen concentration of up to 1300PPB, whereas doing it more than once gives the concentration of 1200-2800PPB. The bottle is portable and easy to use.

Key features: 

  • The bottle is made from the food-grade borosilicate, which is safe to use.
  • The electrolytic plates of the hydrogen water bottle is made from Titanium and coated with platinum, which helps in the efficient production of hydrogen in water.
  • The package comes with two glass bottles, one hydrogen generator base, a power cord, a mineral water bottle adapter and a manual.
  • Any type of water or water bottle can be used with the hydrogen generator as it is designed to work with all types of water.
  • The chlorine and ozone residues are collected in the detachable cap that can be discarded.
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5. WooMeWooU Hydrogen Water Bottle

WooMeWooU Hydrogen Water Bottle

The last option on this list is for the people who are searching for a good yet affordable hydrogen water bottle. It is BPA free and made from the FDA approved materials only. This hydrogen water bottle uses SPE technology for producing hydrogen in the water. The plates of the bottle are platinum-coated titanium anodes that carry out the process of electrolysis. This electrolysis process produced H2 ions in water. It comes with an LED display and its base is made from stainless steel.

Key features:

  • This hydrogen bottle can produce 800 to 1500ppb of hydrogen ions in water.
  • The package comes with a hydrogen-rich cup, USB charging cable, water spray and a manual.
  • There are no chlorine residues in the water, which makes it more beneficial.
  • It has two electrolysis modes, depending upon the hydrogen concentration you want in the water. 
  • One can choose from the four options of the hydrogen water bottle sets available for this alternative.
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Concluding Remarks

All these options for the hydrogen water bottle work efficiently for producing hydrogen in the water. Some alternatives also come with the option of a detachable hydrogen generator base that can be used with other water bottles. Make sure to keep the bottles charged before you leave for gym, hike or any other outdoor activity. Also, do not overdo the electrolysis for producing more hydrogen. It is recommended to consume the water having infused hydrogen within 30 minutes to get the best results. You can invest in a good water bottle which you and your family can use for getting benefits of drinking such water. 

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