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Best Gifts for PHD Students: Thoughtful gifts for 2020

To get a gift for someone is a challenging task as one needs to go through so many options before finalizing that one option that fits all your criteria and can also be a useful gift for the person you intend to gift. Well, this can be ever so slightly more challenging if you are trying to get a gift for a person who is pursuing a Ph.D. as the requirements are entirely different for the Ph.D. students. Said that it is not impossible to find the best gifts for Ph.D. students now that you have a curated list of top five gifts for Ph.D. students here in this blog.

I did thorough research to find these options after going through hundreds of options online. While selecting the alternatives, I find some motivating and thoughtful gifts that can make anyone feel better. I have included all such options in the list given below. So go through this list and find a suitable gift for your friend or dear one pursuing a doctorate degree. 

Awesome Gift Ideas for PhD Students

1. Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

Adjustable Laptop StandOne of the best functional and fantastic gifts you can give to your friends or family members pursuing a Ph.D. is an adjustable laptop stand. Be it writing a thesis for long hours or working late nights while studying; it can be an ideal gift for all the students. Opting for such gifts can be helpful as it makes the work efficient. The overall built quality of the stand is topnotch. As it comes with adjustable legs and an ergonomic design, it is perfect for all searching for laptop stands for work from home.

Key features and specifications:

  • The laptop stand is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry wherever you go. As it has a foldable design, one can store the stand when not in use.
  • It is easy to assemble and use with ease as it comes with adjustable legs to keep you away from incorrect postures, back pain, shoulder pain, and more.
  • One can use this table as a writing desk, book holder, or even a small TV. Its multi-functionality makes it a value for money.
  • It is also suitable for the people working from home as one can make adjustments in the laptop stand according to the height preferences and attend those virtual meetings or online classes.
  • The stand has built-in cooling fans and a mouse pad to use it conveniently anywhere with utmost comfort.
  • This laptop stand comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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2. Eat Sleep PhD Repeat Sweatshirt

Eat Sleep PhD RepeatHow about gifting a cool sweatshirt to your friends who are pursuing their doctorate degrees and cheer up their mood? Sounds cool, right! This sweatshirt says, “Eat Sleep Ph.D. Repeat,” which can be so relatable for all the people pursuing their Ph.D. as that is what they do most in their day. This is a Unisex sweatshirt, and hence you can gift it to both men and women. This can be an ideal gift for Ph.D. graduates and the people who are still pursuing a doctorate. So ditch old gift ideas and opt for this cool sweatshirt for your friends and see their wide smiles!

Key features and Specifications:

  • The sweatshirt is made using a blend of cotton and polyester, making it wearable all year round.
  • It comes in five different colors:  black, navy blue, blue, heather brown, and heather gray. 
  • This sweatshirt has a classic fit with a twill-taped neck that can be comfortable to wear all day.
  • As it is available in a number of sizes such as Extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large, one can easily get the preferred size.
  • The manufacturers recommend washing this sweatshirt with cold water only with like colors and on dry low heat.

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3. Bride and Bow hanger for PhD students

Doctor HangerPersonalized gifts have a charm of their own as it shows that someone actually took efforts to customize it. So give your friends or family a customized hanger with their names that they can use for hanging their clothes. This hanger can be a perfect prop for their graduation photoshoot or even daily use. Gifting something like this can be a lifetime memory for the person receiving it. You can add “Dr” as the title before the name of the person you want to gift this hanger to. As this hanger is available in different color options, you can select the one accordingly and gift this beautiful customized hangers to Ph.D. students for their graduation day. 

Key features and Specifications:

  • The hangers are made using solid wood and also have notches for dress straps.
  • It is handmade by a team of expert artisans who have been doing this for years, and their craftsmanship adds to the beauty of this product.
  • Each hanger is 17.5 inches in length and comes with a bow of any color, as shown in the picture.
  • One can easily hang their lab coats or doctor coats on this hanger for keeping a sweet memory.
  • Text of up to lines can be added to the hanger, which is more than sufficient.
  • The manufacturer of these hangers is a small business so you can also support such small businesses by opting for this option.

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4. WHATCHA  Coffee Mugs for PhD Graduates

WHATCHA Because PatientsHelp your friends to add a piece of quirk to their work stations or lab desks by gifting them this coffee mug. This mug is in a jet black color with the text of “Ph.D. taking BS to a new level” printed in golden color. The mug’s design and the overall look is quite impressive and different from the other regular mugs available in the market today. It can be quite a good addition for the people who like to sip their coffee while working. And long hours of Ph.D. definitely requires caffeine intake, which makes this option a perfect gift for someone pursuing their doctorate or is working on their thesis. It has a capacity of 11oz and can be used daily.

Key features and Specifications:

  • This coffee mug is made using a premium quality ceramic material, making it durable, sturdy, and adorable.
  • The quality of the word printed on the cup is superior and doesn’t fade away quickly.
  • The mug comes with a matching lid and a spoon with a gold finish, making it a complete set.
  • It comes with a premium luxe gift packaging that protects the mugs against breakage in the shipment and makes them more appealing.
  • One can use this mug for tea, coffee, or other beverages.

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5. PhD Candidate T-Shirt

PhD Candidate TeeIf you are searching for a perfect gift for Ph.D. candidates under $20, then you can probably opt for this option. It is a tee-shirt specially designed for the students pursuing their doctorates or working on their dissertation thesis. The text on the t-shirt says, “Ph.D. – Like a regular Doctor, Only Smarter; Also see Rockstar” This text on the t-shirt can elevate someone’s mood instantly given how adorable and motivating it is.


  • The t-shirt is lightweight, has a classic fit, and is available for both men and women.
  • It has a double-needle sleeve and a bottom hem that makes the fit perfect.
  • One can get this t-shirt in five different colors: black, blue, navy blue, heather grey, and heather brown.
  • All the solid colored t-shirts are made using 100% cotton only, whereas the heathers are made using a blend of polyester and cotton.
  • It is recommended to wash this t-shirt will cold water with like colors only on dry low heat.

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Concluding Remarks

There are so many options for getting gifts for Ph.D. students. Although the possibilities are endless, it is always better to get something that they can use and cherish. While curating this list of best gift ideas for Ph.D. students, I made sure to include thoughtful and unique gifts different from the regular presents. Right from a durable laptop stand for working long hours to customized hangers, you can select the perfect gift for your near and ones who are pursuing a Ph.D. using this list. 

A laptop stand is versatile and has more uses than any other option listed above. So if you are particularly searching for a functional gift and can make the work easy, you should opt for the first option on this list. In contrast, if you aim to gift something memorable and personalized, you can opt for the third option from the list. 

Let us know which gift idea you liked the most and what did you finally gift?

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