Best Calculator for Chemistry Best Calculator for Chemistry

Best Calculator for Chemistry – Scientific Calculator Buyer’s Guide

Chemistry calculations are a bit different from the standard mathematical calculations you come across. One needs to have access to a calculator with all the functions required to carry out these calculations. These functions involve logarithms, roots, trigonometric functions, and more. Your standard calculator will not help you solve such complex calculations, so one should opt for a scientific calculator.

A scientific calculator has all such functions that can help you with such complex calculations. Many of these calculators can come in handy for calculus, algebra, and other such calculations too. Hence investing in an excellent scientific calculator can help you in several ways if you are a student or even a professional.

After thorough and extensive research, I have curated a list of the best calculators for chemistry to help you with all the chemistry calculations. Check out my top picks for the scientific calculator below:

Scientific Calculator for Chemistry

1. Texas Instruments – TI-36X ProTexas Instruments - TI-36X Pro

The first option on this list is by Texas Instruments. The calculator has all the functions that one might need for solving complex calculations. Students searching for a scientific calculator or even an engineering calculator can opt for this option. It provides a multi-view display, which can fulfill your need to review more than one calculation simultaneously.

Features and Specifications

  • All types of Math symbols, expressions, and stacked fractions are available on this scientific calculator.
  • This calculator is perfect for all the students pursuing chemistry – from school to university or even for the graduates.
  • One can use this calculator for algebra 1 & 2, statistics, geometry, and even biology. And if that’s not enough, one can use it for trigonometry and calculus too.
  • It helps you in converting fractions and units into other exemplifications.
  • It selects degrees/radians, floating/fix, and number format models.

Texas Instrument – TI-36X Pro has an advanced 4-line display, which is enough for the higher-level mathematical equations and science functionality. If you want a calculator that can solve your problems regarding computer science and engineering courses, you can surely try this one!


2. Casio – FX-115ES PlusCasio – FX-115ES Plus

Everyone is aware of the popularity of Casio products. It is considered one of the best brands for such calculators. Casio – FX-115ES plus is continuously proving itself as the best calculator for chemistry and engineering worldwide, providing around 280 functions. This model is the latest and most advanced scientific calculator manufactured by the company until the date and can make all science or maths operations easy. 

Features and Specifications

  • This calculator contains a natural textbook display and much-improved functionality than the other calculation tools.
  • It is designed for using it for all the subjects and courses such as chemistry or physics, engineering, maths, statistics, calculus, algebra, trigonometry, etc.
  • The calculator features over 280 functions including fractions, base arithmetic, regression, deviation, and even computer science. It also allows 40 metric conversions.
  • The multi-replay feature on this calculator lets the user recheck the calculations with each step to edit and calculate again.

You can use this calculator on the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams, AP tests, and NCEES exams as it is lightweight, fast, understandable, and easy to use. It provides the dual power of solar as well as battery to avoid last-minute accidents.


3. Texas Instruments – TI-30XaTexas Instruments – TI-30Xa

If you like calculators from the brand of Texas Instruments and want to get a model that can help you with several types of calculations, then this would be my recommendation for you. It has all the required essential scientific and trigonometric functions that one might need to solve complicated calculations. 

Features and Specifications

  • This calculator provides essential functions for general mathematics and general science and is ideal for algebra, trigonometry, and statistics as well.
  • It allows the user to perform the basic fraction features, DMS to decimal to degrees, one-variable statistics, polar to rectangular, and conversions.
  • TI-30Xa is a handy and light-weight calculator, which helps in figuring out some complicated calculations.
  • It can add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions when entered in a traditional numerator or denominator format.
  • It is a battery operated basic calculator with a one-line display which can include ten digits.

Texas Instruments has manufactured a thoughtful and ideal calculator for high-school students as it is easy to use and easy to slip into a backpack. If you need a ‘not-so-complicated’ scientific calculator, you should try this one for sure.


4. HP – 35s Scientific CalculatorHP – 35s Scientific Calculator

The next option that I came across while searching for the scientific calculator for chemistry is this one by HP. This scientific calculator is not just helpful for chemistry but can also be useful for professionals in various fields such as surveying science, medicine, engineering, and more. This model from HP has excellent battery life, and as its display has a contrast feature, one can use it indoors and outdoors. This product’s average battery life is more than nine months if you use it every day for an hour, which is better than any other scientific calculator available.

Features and Specifications

  • It provides a two-line LCD, which can contain 14 characters plus indicators. The calculator also allows contrast adjustments.
  • HP 35s scientific calculator offers calculation versatility in one inexpensive unit, which has over 100 built-in functions.
  • It has a facility to store around 30 KB calculations and 800 memory registers.
  • The manufacturer provides one year of warranty for this calculator.
  • This product lets the users choose between RPN and algebraic entry-system logic. No other scientific calculator offers these functions together.

No matter if you are a college student, a scientist, or a professional working in other fields, this calculator can become your ‘all-in-one’ solution. This option is one of the best-rated chemistry calculators available today in the market as it is quick, accurate, and has all the features mentioned above.


5. Sharp – EL-W516XBSLSharp – EL-W516XBSL

Sharp EL-W516XBSL is known for its advanced technology and unique design. It has 556 different scientific functions for statistics, trigonometry, and chemistry. As it features Writeview technology, the user can review their calculations just like they do in their study books.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a large four-line display, which makes the readings comfortable and includes 12 digits at a time.
  • The calculator provides a playback button to recheck and edit formulas.
  • It gives four programmable keys for smooth and fast use of functions.
  • There is a feature of ‘equation solver,’ which allows the user to calculate three formulas together.
  • There are various modes like normal, matrix, equations, drill, and scientific functions like sin, cos, tan, log, etc.

There is also a hardcover available with the product to protect the chemistry calculator for the long run. It is double powered by solar as well as batteries so that you can be safe at the tests like AP Chemistry, AP Physics, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT I, SAT II, Math IC, or Math IIC.


All these scientific calculators mentioned above have received positive reviews and feedback from their users due to their quality, accuracy, and ease of operation. This buyer’s guide can help anyone to find a scientific calculator for themselves and ace those chemistry calculations like a pro. For making a better choice, ensure to go through all the product details and specifications shared by the manufacturers. Depending on your preferences, you can find a calculator that best suits all your requirements. Let us know which calculator did you opt for and why in the comments section below. 

  1. My question would be regarding scientific notation inputting…my students make simple mistakes when using the EE button in inputting numbers in scientific notation using the TI-30XIIS. So, I am looking for something to replace these. I was thinking about the TI-30Xa SE, but it didn’t seem you could go back and see what has been typed in (which makes it more difficult for me to determine where students have went wrong).
    So, I would assume you would recommend the 36XPro for the later issue. Do you have suggestions regarding the scientific notation issue

  2. It is fine, nonetheless evaluate the information and facts around this correct.

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