Meet the Team


Hey folks, this is me, Priyanka, writer at Geometry of Molecules where I want to make chemistry easy to learn and quick to understand. Having an MSc degree helps me explain these concepts better. I write all the blogs after thorough research, analysis, and review of the topics.


Alex is a dedicated medical professional. He earned his medical degree (MBBS) from Newcastle University in 2014 and currently works as an emergency medicine registrar in the north-east of England. Alex recently achieved the FRCEM (Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine) qualification, marking a significant milestone in his medical career.

Alex is also the director of

Professional Qualifications

  • MBBS (Newcastle University, 2014)
  • FRCEM (2023)

Chemistry Related Qualifications

  • Chemistry A-Level Grade A
  • Physics A-Level Grade A
  • Mathematics A-Level Grade A
  • Biology AS-Level Grade A

Alex, the founder of Geometry of Molecules, has always harbored a deep interest and passion for chemistry. His journey in the world of science began early, as evidenced by his impressive academic achievements, including an A-Level Grade A in Chemistry. This passion for chemistry laid a solid foundation for his understanding of the scientific world.

Despite pursuing a career in medicine and achieving significant milestones, including an MBBS from Newcastle University and the FRCEM qualification, Alex’s enthusiasm for chemistry never waned. His desire to make chemistry accessible and understandable to a broader audience led to the creation of Geometry of Molecules.

Alex’s goal is to demystify complex chemical concepts, presenting them in a manner that is easy to grasp for students, educators, and chemistry enthusiasts alike. His approach is to simplify the intricate details of molecular geometry, Lewis structures, and chemical bonding, making these subjects more approachable and less intimidating. Through Geometry of Molecules, Alex shares his love for chemistry, aiming to ignite a similar passion in others and foster a deeper appreciation for this fascinating field.