About Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Alex!

Geometry of Molecules is a platform dedicated to all the people who love learning new about science and its wonders. Nothing around us would have been the way it is not if it wasn’t for science.

I thought of coming up with a website to make a community of people who share similar interests who want to learn related to chemistry and science in general as well as share their knowledge with everyone.

Geometry of Molecules is a dedicated effort to become one of the best science communities globally where one can find all the information they are searching for.

Right from the Lewis structures of the molecules to finding the right picks for your grad course or schools, we create content for everything. My team and I will work relentlessly to provide you with an array of informative blogs, detailed product reviews, answers to your questions, and so much more. The team at Geometry of Molecules aims to help its readers to learn and even teach other students.

Even if you are a budding scientist, a professional, or a student, you will find everything of your interest here. What are you waiting for? Explore our world of science and let us know what other blogs you would like to read so that we can curate them for you. Be a part of this amazing community and share your learnings with family & friends.

Happy reading!